Mansion houses city buildings worlds zones will be worked on soon as the characters are ready

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Mansion houses city buildings worlds zones will be worked on soon as the characters are ready

Post by Baby Greed Admin on Sun Sep 18, 2016 8:26 pm

Be Cool on Moon Noticing that I'm decided have two software is running a working on the character and Amy's house finally one house will be built. On sonic and baby greed adventures GR game project real game is being worked on.

You can get the full thing here.

Thinking about being old world of sonic DX traveling through time back to city Square the old time. But will be modified a little

What does this mean going back to old Classics of sonicdx.

Rumors have it e102 has was processed. zare spirit dream.

He was in control of E102. Was planning to get to chaos but he did and got some the book wasn't close on this story. book

So baby greed got back in time to stop the dream eater.

It could stop the dream controlling people plan to do that bring chaos to the cities from it. Also to keep the nightmare away from baby greed to we have to go back to the time were sonic destroyed chaos there is something lurking in the water we got to find a dark water somewhere in the destroyed city. As soon as sonic and the heroes left something still remains and water below destruction city height is poison to get the child's dreams to feed ZARE here was the last scene what he said to E102   < a  Soul of a evil virus zare cybr x 9 in e102  getting hit for sonic dx

Soon The characters model is coming great I'm almost finished I almost finished rigging baby greed the hedgehog. His feet is great his toes are great. His shoes are great they all follow him. With no going out of the lines. They can been in stretch. I am on his gloves his hands are great. Gloves are not too good to see the be going out of the line to little if you've been the down but there will be fixing to do on that I'll have to pass drills locations so it's still great. I'm getting there on almost with the boy after him the girl. Baby Cabela will be next (boredom) of Rules -=_=-*
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