Free Models to use for your game address.

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Free Models to use for your game address.

Post by Baby Greed Admin on Sat Aug 13, 2016 8:44 am

***[Get him here free]*** Please go all the way down to read the rules. Of models.


( ) This site has all the model from the old times where they put them away.

These model can be useful for your game improvements need to be made for them

Trying to go for something big for your game. Have fun. if you Trying to sell the character game had fun to remember. if The character was under license or have anything from the thing that came license. Like a license box inside the game. you can't sell it. but you can share it. For this site maybe. But if you are all a team that was trying to transfer the characters back to the company then it's possible you can sell it.

But some of that credit will probably be for the people that made the character.

You will get some credit that you put it in the game for it and some of the wishes.

But it has to go back to the company did were it came. In order to get that little credit from it. But if you made your own characters you get credit for your character in the game. Okay let's move on from that site.


Select where you want to go

This site is based on free models that has no license or probably.

I believe the ones that has money on top of them they have license.

Once you buy them it's totally yours.

And so bases of free characters you are free to use the same way that people don't want them anymore.

It's probably because they already have the best characters and they simply  throw  away the old character.

It is called free giveaway.  

The free giveaway is free to use or sell or share.

In license in blender.

Now my character is not for sale.

But if I plan to sell him to be a high price for him.

Because he's new to sonics game. Any character that is new to sonics game doesn't go to the free giveaway. It goes to the Sally license.

Remember that but he'll never be in that.

It's a SEGA Team or Sonic Team receives my character, then I will probably give it away after the game passes by.

Because it's going to be a good one. I'm only showing you the basics of the zone.

Remember any kind people that Downloads, these free characters have the same looks of yours own. If you change it. And remodel a little.

So this site is a perfect site for you to get your favorite character. Free or Buy  

New Texture Zone

So have fun choosing. This is a red alert. Anyone that goes to the site and places their models into the site is at their sole risk it won't matter how I say there's no way you can get this back.

Even if you are the artist of those models you have no more power over it has no license.

Meaning there is no way you have a chance to get in unless otherwise you didn't place it up there.

This site is based on no license into the future you will still have claims over the model that you downloaded from the site even if they take it down the model that you already have will be yours.

To use under your discretion rules you can even label it.

So there's nothing you can lose at the site with those models it's for everyone to use  

Commercial use sell share distribute or otherwise do whatever you want to do material.

There is nothing to lose no license given granted to anyone but the ones who downloads it will power over it and they will be able to do whatever they want to sell or share.

So remember to cite what you do it'll be your risk what you do want to place the item down your solely at your risk of losing your material and model texture and all textures are not really needed. Everyone uses them and sells and what it it won't matter how the material goes texture goals.

So be careful with this is on and what you do with your material and model zones also like that that's connected to that zone also same as best you take a good look at this video will help you.

Make sure you look at the video because because then you know how your actions will begin what you do well seriously this is your losing material mesh you will not earn any credit there.

I really think there is no credit for the zone this is where they drove away their mesh they don't use anymore.

So remember is like garbage dump here what I don't need to draw away so this is a garbage zone. It's like people picking out garbage in the zone what they want.

This will be your Broadway gift to others users who wants use your model that you work so hard wood you don't need it more this is where you can draw them away.

So this is where you don't need your modeling more just drove away year but you got the series that you don't need them anymore because once you draw these in their other uses will use your model and sell it in the near future for the also game the take this video seriously you put the model in the garbage zone you won't be able to get it back you can get it back by downloading it but you will be what other uses to use it.

Let me put down their rule in the video so you'll know By downloading 3D model from you are agree with:

1. This 3D model is provided "as is", entirely at your own risk.
2. doesn't accept any claims regarding quality of 3D model or any standards conformity.
3. is not responsible for the further use of this 3D model and does not consider the usage claims due to lack of tools and authority to control, confirm or guarantee the accuracy of personal data and law information.
4. This model may be freely modificated or elaborated.

Note: The models are provided in *.3DS and *.GSM formats. The basic ways of use are 3D Visualisation, Interior Design, Architectural Visualisation, Landscape Design, 3D Animation and 3D Art.


Remember the license of the site Because that's where it came from so you can have the same ability to do. If you get the free one or buy. Read closely
>  < Now you know have fun only in the sticker zone here (boredom) of Rules

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new zone

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