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Rules Here

Post by Baby Greed Admin on Tue Jul 28, 2015 3:33 pm

Rules Soon
1 You Will Not Spam The Forum

Any Other user or They Will be a Consequences of a Warning.

Spamming is not tolerated.


I Don't Put Up with Spamming

let's Go By A Rule That was from another site.
will be also like this.

Section 1 Spamming

On the Internet, there is generally a very fine line between messing around and spamming. If your post adds nothing to a conversation, says something completely off topic, is written poorly on purpose, or contains anything else that can be commonly identified as spam, it will be trashed, and the author may or may not be punished. Take a look at topic 31335 for examples of what spam generally consists of, and most of all, please don't play around with us. We will not hesitate to take out people who do nothing but spam the boards, intentionally or not.
if I need To Add that Topic 31335 I Will.

Question if you want to know what is Spamming. That let me. Set it Down to you right Now.

Spamming is sending out lots of annoying emails usually to strangers. Most Spam is made up of advertisements or scams. The Ads are usually for drugs and/or sex products. Some scams will try to tell you about the millions of dollars you can get. Other scams will tell you your bank or credit card or other account will close unless you confirm your information. What these scams really want is to trick you into giving your information so they can steal from you.

Then there are the political, religious, and sob story chain emails. You are supposed to send these one to other people. They often "inform" you of things that are not true.

And this Can also lead to 

I also called This a rule (New) From Spamming
Topic picture Span

Any Server that post is the pornography picture on a topic.

Or Your Profile That includes (Videos).

Will get a warning or a Banned from this site.

So When a spam wave hits the forums, the primary target is him.

So Be careful What You do hear. It better be a good information

that you talked about.

Note more rules of span will be added.
If i find it i need it. ok  

NO pointless, silly or stupid posts or polls. NO excessive amount of advertising. NO steering topics off-track with irrelevant drivel. NO getting in the way with useless junk within a serious discussion.

This includes trolling, and making topics that exploit loopholes.


ZERO tolerence against stupidity, intentional or otherwise. NO exemption on "friendly" idiots. NO exemption on younger members. DON'T pretend to be stupid. DON'T talk like a turd. The staff will not waste time distinguishing between real and fake stupidity.

This also applies to stupid topics - I.e, generic flash games and whatnot that you can find anywhere on the internet, or subjects that are generally pointless to discuss. This is a board for mature and interesting discussion, not a playground for people discovering the internet for the first time. (boredom) of Rules don't mess around with my suggestions. I make my suggestions real and true. To you and sonic team/ SEGA And i did Baby Greed is showing in 3D.


NO drama queening. NO attention whoring. NO fit-throwing. NO whining like a 10-year-old kiddo.


NO reporting "discoveries" that are already covered on S2B or other major sites (see links). NO stating the obvious. NO reporting hoaxes, hacks, or simply misinformation as real (it's YOUR responsibility to verify). Read the Summary for a quick list of common knowledge, for a start. Search the forums for the subject you are about to report on. When in doubt, stay away from the word "discovery" at all cost.


NO one-liner "theories". NO theorizing on things that have been (dis)proven as facts. All theories and ideas must be supported by facts and elaborated with reasons. The burden of proof is on YOUR side to support the theory, not on ours to debunk it. Generally, opinionated theories are obsolete as they've been replaced by fact-oriented research. DO NOT start any theory unless you know what you're talking about

Nothing irks us more than seeing a newbie marching in and pulling far-fetched theories out of his ass!


Back up all your claims with evidence, especially when involving discoveries/experiences with other prototypes. DO NOT start a topic until evidence is ready to be shown to the public.


Censorship sucks. Don't bitch about it.


You're more than welcome to point it out when someone is acting like a dumbass. Sarcasm is allowed. However DON'T make your sole purpose here making the place unpleasant (I.e. NO trolling). Note: This rule does NOT allow you to "flame" in retarded ways: rules 003 and 006 still apply.

In case of being flamed, you have the freedom of choice to rebut or ignore it. The staff will not intervene unless it starts to affect the general operation of the board (e.g. same kind of flaming spilling into multiple topics).

If you're the topic starter and you see your topic being ruined by off-topic flames, feel free to ask a staffer to split away the irrelevant posts.

AMENDMENT: Flaming is one thing, but topics constantly breaking out into arbitrary and pointless flamewars WILL be trashed, and the participants WILL be punished. NO EXCEPTIONS. So before you start thinking you can post however you want, think again - you can't.

Flame smartly and happy 0wnage!


Adult imagery is allowed in topics when used along with the "18+" post icon. Do not convert a non-porn topic into porn.
But Baby Greed is Ok he might be "3+" But he ok he is sonic ascendant powerful baby that is very powerful He's accepted character That could be one day sonic team as he is.


DON'T post crap like deformed bodies, corpses and feces. If you must, give a clearly-labeled link instead.


Hacking, DoS attacks, table stretching, overly huge avatar/sig, malicious scripts and HTML tags, and other acts that interfere with the normal operation of the site is obviously NOT tolerated.


NO relaying banned people's message onto the board (e.g. copy and paste). NO sharing accounts with banned people. NO facilitating banned people to dodge the ban. Helping unauthorized people to gain access to the board is considered as a security risk, and violators will be removed.

This also applies to approved members relaying for trial members to avoid using posts, or those in pending approval.

2 Write in proper English.

now if you do't understand my language questions C
You will Have To use A Google Translator.

it worse by Firefox Google Chrome Blaze

if you can't understand use that.

Just Copy the language and paste it to the board. And then

Scroll to the bottom and click on the Speaker.

it will read it to you properly even if its a giant walls of text.

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Re: Rules Here

Post by Baby Greed Admin on Tue Jul 28, 2015 6:36 pm

QUICK REPLY Connection link

this site is for english language only and Probably spanish.

There is a second rule to this connected if it comes to that point.
from another sites rules will be connected to this. 

We're not HUGE Grammar Nazis, but it is expected that basic spelling and punctuation will be evident in all of your posts. If you type in all lowercase, use "txt talk" and other various incorrect English conventions, and slap ten emoticons into each of your posts, expect to be banned quickly. If English isn't your native tongue, then don't worry too much, but still try to put effort into typing properly. There's a difference between not knowing English and being a lazy typist.

If we don't understand your language by google translator. Then don't say nothing at all  Because.
you will get warning stating please talk correctly you get three strikes then you get a banned 1 months if you come back and don't understand.

you get banned 3 months then the last one is a year 

and if you come back after a year it will start all over again.

I don't want to banned you completely i just want you to learn. only SEGA will give you a permanent banned. Not me ok
3  Bandwagoning makes you look ignorant.

if you try to be stupid and ignorant. and have a different way of talking. This can really
get you in a lot of trouble. Being a stupid fool of a top form.
Can get you smack in the face. of losing a topic that you wrote.
and everybody be looking at you being a stupid fool.

and saying that you're better than everybody that you have a
great idea that will really put you smacked out of the book
if it fails. You will lose everyone's trust.
Just for being a Bandwagoning ignorant. Jerk of a dump person.

And this will also be connected to it so you'll get the line correct.

Memes are OK every once in a while—after all, who doesn't like some lulz every now and then? However, it is expected that you will be mature in your meme use and not start bandwagons consisting of using the same phrase over and over again in rapid succession. The best way to preserve a joke is to use it sparingly, and if we see you abusing memes in a way that makes you look like an idiot, we'll be sure to trash your post and smack you a few times for continuing.

So don't be a dumbass of your topics. Write them in and a decent manner.

4  Show respect to fellow Users/members.

Please show your respect to the fellow users Here at 


I will not tolerate 

Not Getting along other users.

And if this is the case

it can cause you to get banned for one week

without notice.  You'll be simply smacked out.

like a fellow hedgehog

so be careful in any kind of way you. Treat your fellow users.

Because then you're going to be my little fish

I can simply find it on the topic. as well.

So be careful how you play the game.

this rule from another side is also comes with it.

Here at SONIC AND BABY GREED Game Idea, we're trying to encourage productive conversation, so if somebody does or says something wrong, and they're not being outright disrespectful about it, then don't be a dick and tear into them just because you can. Keep your responses civil and respectful, and if you see this rule being broken, don't act like a dick in return. Let the staff know and we'll deal with it.

That being said, we don't care if you don't like furries. We don't care if you don't like fancharacters. If there's any kind of outright discrimination that needs to made against members, it's something we'll handle when a member registers. Ultimately, if you're not sure how to respond to a situation, let us know and we'll take care of it.

So remember that.

5 No drama whoring (aka the Wetflame Memorial Rule.)

Now we all have a rude behavior but we just have to get along and.

Try to make it work. If you can't take it against the server who says he's the bath.

Or anything that makes you angry get up out of your chair.

And punch the wall to release your anger.

no sticks and bones to bresaking your computer can. cause you to lose a lot of stuff just get up

and do it 

because any server you try to make a strong attack against the other one who called me. To banning both of you

so take my suggestion get over it and stop being baby fighting.
The banning will be lifted after 3 day. if it continues it will grow another day.

if it passes over a week here is your next rule number 

I placed you in their hands.> 

We will not tolerate excessive bitching and whining from various members about this board, other boards, your mom or how people are being "mean" to you. If you have a problem with certain aspects of this board, then you're free to bring them up in a mature manner in the Site Affairs forum; however, remember that while we are understanding and generally open to suggestion, our word is final. If we say something, that's how things are gonna roll. If that's not how things fly with you, the door's always open. game idea is NOT a democracy.

If you decide to be a drama whore, know that it's perfectly valid grounds for (banning 4 months) . Don't do it, please.
6  Game idea. suggestion

how would you like the game idea topic to be just suggested.

In your topic area  don't be shy.

I will lay down the first zone for you people soon.

From somebody sent suggested this. 

Any posts you make on the boards should, as a general rule, be safe to view at work, school, or any other type of public terminal. Any posts, images, or whatnot that are not safe for work should be clearly marked as such with a "NSFW" warning. Any posts that violate this rule will have the offending images removed, with the potential for a suspension based on the severity of the offense.

7 If We have Do your research.

I suggest you take take your extra measure becaunse this can.
Cause you a trouble mint and we're not going to be responsible for that.
Let me just say stay away from discovery. 

Someone suggested this it will come clear to you.

> When posting topics about something you think is "new," stop and think—is what you're posting really something that hasn't been posted before? 

Do not post about "discoveries" that are already covered on the wiki or other major sites. Do not state the obvious. Do not report hoaxes, hacks, or simple misinformation as real (it's YOUR responsibility to verify). Search the forums and wiki for the subject you are about to report on. When in doubt, stay away from the word "discovery" at all cost.
8 No half-assed "theories."

in the future of sonic and baby greed. they will be obsolete

game things that they take off.

So this is what happen if it was really like for Sonic's Game

Since the earliest stages of the Sonic community's inception, there has been speculation regarding certain aspects of Sonic game development. As a result, many members would make "theories" to try and explain what could not be backed up by any sort of concrete evidence. The problem with this, however, is that about 99% of "theories" were total crap and did not make any sense whatsoever.

If you wish to post any speculation on the board, then realize that it is up to you to back up your speculation with concrete evidence. All theories and ideas must be supported by facts and elaborated with reasons. The burden of proof is on YOUR side to support the theory, not on ours to debunk it. Generally, opinionated theories are obsolete as they've been replaced by fact-oriented research. DO NOT start any theory unless you know what you're talking about.

Yes I think this would be a really Good idea to talk about this in the future of this site.

of Sonic And Baby Greed of Failure this Sonic went down bad road.

More Soon

ending confimation.


Comply with any additional requests and instructions given by an admin. For example, if an admin tells you to remove certain element from your posts, remove it, period.

Finally, relax, don't be too uptight, and have fun.

Rules are to be followed

The moment you break a rule is the moment you automatically forfeit the privilege of being here. You are not "entitled" a second chance, and you should not expect one to be given automatically.

Failure to follow the rules, intentionally or otherwise, may result in a permanent ban. "Social status" such as postcount, usergroup, gender, popularity or seniority play NO role in the degree you may bend/break the rules over other members - although you're welcome to test at your expense. Any "test" or "experiment" on the boundary of the rules will be considered as a consented gambling on your membership - don't bitch at us if you lose, and don't bitch at us if someone else wins, either.

Rules or guidelines?

Following all the rules increases, but never guarantees, your chance of staying here. Breaking any of the rules reduces, but not necessarily immediately eliminates, your chance of staying here. Nothing is guaranteed.

Rules or guidelines? Your call.

Staff has the final say

The staff determines whether a rule is broken, and the staff determines what reaction is needed. This is not a democracy.

You don't have a right to be here; your access is a privilege. The staff can deny access to anyone at anytime. We decide, and can change, how this place is run as we see fit. Exceptions may be made solely at the our discretion. This is a dictatorship.

Disagreement with staff's actions

Any opinions on recent events should go into Forum Affairs. You have the freedom of speech to disagree, but you may not take actions to nullify or override the staff's administrative decisions (e.g. helping ban/PA dodge).

Dead issue should stay dead. We don't pledge to re-consider every settled issue every time it is annoyingly raised again.

You can suggest changes to the rules!

Please post any opinions of the rules in Forum Affairs. Until/Unless the rules are revised, you are still expected to follow the current set of rules, even if you don't agree with them.

Staff Recruiting

Unless otherwise stated, we are not recruiting for staff at this moment. You'll be contacted if you're needed. Do not ask to be a staffer. If you ask, I'll assume you didn't even read this
<.<' if I had a staff it will be more easier. 

( The Permanant ban is a Year Max by me).

Chat box rules
If it comes to this point it is time to lay this down
Well, folks, there’ve been a lot of problems with behavior in the Chat Box. We’ve had a lot of swearings, insults and fightings on there. Well, I think it’s time to lay down some rules:

No.1: No excessive swearing in the Chat Box! Saying damn or other words like this are fine, but ONLY if you are angry at nobody in particular. Calling people names is strictly prohibited! DO NOT SWEAR, CURSE, INSULT OR USE RACIAL SLUR IN THE CHAT BOX!!! Don't be a bitch as we can smack you right back in the face of this like I said take your chair and get punched up the wall and let it all out.

It'll help you  calm your nerves down. You can even hold the pillow and start cussing at just squeeze it so hard so you can bring all the anger out that also helps. If not it will bring consequences to the chat box for you in section 1

No.2: The chatroom is open for every theme, not only in ACWW. So if someone is talking about his hobby, don’t yell at him that this chat room is only for ACWW!
The chat box is meant for everyone to talk about project work. Or anything to calm down their work they do. It is also meant to talk about your work on modeling game characters in all so don't be a bitch what you do, it is meant for sharing your ideas with the world everything you do we like to hear from you. We always like to hear from that blue character sonic and what will be his plans on his next adventure is like sharing hands.  Being the best friend on the chat box. Talking to others. That's what you do. Showing that you a big team player  of a  friend of good plans for the games. Showing yourself that you are a good friend on the chat box and I promise you somebody will come back and say something nice to you.
It can also be talking about registrations and sign-ups you can also help them out, that's a really good team player and get to know them that way.
Also, you could talk about anything about the chat box, but don't talk about sexual or anything that could violate the chat box to others. Because if you do something will come your way of being kicked. As a year or be the spend it from the chat box of further notice to return you make contact me for apologies that you can try your luck. Because if it fails, you could be looking at a year of my chat box kick out or three months.

No.3: Respect other people’s opinions. No picking, no bullying just because the person is different to you!
You will treat everyone with respect, even if you a high-class bitch!
As you can find yourself losing your privileges of the chat box.
Friendship or not friendship you can find yourself in a role in the dog pen.
Being kicked out for weeks or maybe years. Because others will find you aggressive and mean.
How you treat low-level people that are just trying to fit in so treat everyone with respect or don't be in the chat box.
Because if we find that some people will turn away from you and hates you. That's what you do to others and if it does happen, you could be my fishbowl of being a fat loser that I placed pictures of you on the fishing pole.
So don't be a scourge :  Be Me The scourge  ha ha ha:  be a good somebody. That will help others in the chat box that need help.

No.4: Be always careful what you say in the chat room, don’t give too much detail of your real life, because you never really know what the person is behind the nickname. There aren’t always nice people there, especially when you’re still a kid, don’t ever give your personal infos to strangers (but adults should also be VERY cautious about it)

Read this true story what happened to a young girl: Chatdanger
If you have children that use this site, please have your mom next to you is watching you at all times before using the chat box.
Because are not to be responsible if you are kid use of the chat box to whatever comes your way you best heavy mom and dad next to you we are not going to be responsible for any action if your kid
Unless otherwise did you come to me. I'll do the best I could because I'm never on that is why. It's best to have a mom
People notice if anyone doesn't trust me, you can trust me because I have a lot of kids in my household there is should be no fear that any kit talks to me.
I also have a family that has a bunch of kids so there is no worries to be around me, especially a church woman if you like to have proof that I have a church woman that is my sister but not real big sister.
You can check out the proof here she knows me no worries noting what happened. If any kids around me I'm big-time trusted I really get sick, kids crying in my room. you can find a lot of kids would Margie so any Margie of the sister of me as a friend of any kind from me, I'm 100% trusted so no worries if any kid gloves into the site.
Just don't bug me-\-!. Any kids to the form anything of their actions of messing around me will get a time out. It means a bad time out of the chat box if it comes to a problem.
Children I don't tolerate liars baby and all. Get along children or I kick your diapers  out of the chat box. I don't care if it's a. Girl's diaper. I will kick the girl out as well, sometimes girls like to lie a lot. Tell the truth. Or bitch you girls and boys out of the chat box. That includes the adult as well get along or be kicked.
Children you may discuss anything that fall around you, you may discuss your kitty things, but don't make kids more like a sexual word. As you can find yourself out of the chat box including a child like a kid you are.
Don't talk to strangers you may talk to your kitty friends, but don't talk to strangers that is older than you..
Talk to your friends that you know and family do not talk to a stranger that you don't know. You may bring your friends here
Get along with your friends and don't fight don't talk about anything below balls about sexual words or violates the chat box.
Notice children if you find people's cussing is best to lead the chat box. If you're old enough to hear this. You may stay as means older children to know these languages and they know what they mean. They may stay if the mothers allow it.
Older children's can be better to be in the chat box kids are mostly not, but if they do enter there at their risk of language. I can't stop them for the language this is how the site works.
There are adults that listen to you that can revolve around something that can get you in trouble just keep your words and your own manner. Don't go over the words that you don't know keep it normal talk

5. I also found a good site to help you to know
Recommended reading that!

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Re: Rules Here

Post by Baby Greed Admin on Sun May 08, 2016 11:32 pm

(boredom) of Rules To The Next Rules
These rules may be edited at any time, so please check back regularly.

The moderators are told to do following things when you don’t obey the rules:

-When you break the rules you will get instantly kicked out of the chat room
-Try it again and you will be kicked again
-If you’re still continuing, you will be banned for 1 hour
-Banning goes up to 1 day or even forever when you can’t stop breaking rules!!

Hope we don’t have such massive problems again in my chatroom, otherwise I will just close it, so please keep that in mind!

It could be so easy: Just be nice and respectful!

Some hints about chat box usage:

I’ve got these helpful hints from the’s help site:

What do the colors on the user list mean?
Green is an online, red is offline, gold is owner, silver is moderator or Light Green like Baby Greed,  blue is member or purple. Like Night and Sonic

How do I change my Name, Picture and Home Page?
Click then green symbol of your name at the top of the user list on the right

How do I get my own xat chat box?
Click [Get a Chat Box] button on the bottom right

How do I turn off automatic sign?
Go to your profile page and un-check sign in automatically. You will have to click [Sign in] every time you visit a chat box to appear on the user list and to chat

If some of these functions are ready on the form, then it's okay of these words

Get along in the chat box where you find yourself kicked out like a bug or diaper child or I manner of a person.
It doesn't matter what I say it can be a person a child or dog or a robot.
The Chat Box is meant to be safe for all chat people and get along with each other and talk about so many things that they want to hear.
Thank you for your understanding and have a great day using the chat box. I lost someone or Lo look like the bunny has a problem with so much rules. ha ha ha

Rules Emoticons
Please do not use these violent or sexual Emoticons
You may use any other emoticons but that is it
Cute, Cool, love, Happy, Sad, Cute Animals, Cool Animals, Aliens, Cool
From their culture etcetera.
Don't use your emoticons of the attack because it can increase your troubles here.
It can lead to being Banning here So use your Emoticons in a Normal way or you can find yourself being.
The next road to being Banning.
It is okay to be Cool, Cute Or Bad Boy Or bad Girl action person
Or any other way. But don't use it in a way of an attack or sexually or violent Emoticons.
Don't post Sexually Emoticons Or Violent Emoticons. Or Attack Emotions this emotion means a threat.

If you use that emotion don't do it. Because you will get A warning or banned if it's strong.

If you use a sexual emoticon or violence
You will automatically get banned no warning.

Don't use any sexual way or violence in court or any kind of way of an animal or anything.
Or you are going to get a warning or banned don't misbehave with your emoticons That's Final.

if you don't know what are emoticons are. Let me lay it down for you.

5 Emoticons You Didn’t Know
Emoticons are nonsense punctuation that look like little drawings if you use your imagination. Quite often the email providers will have their own graphical version of your emoticon, and it will pop up in place of your nonsense punctuation.

There are so many eastern and western emoticons that it is hard to know which ones are going to appear as you write them, and which will translate into a mini graphic, which is known as an emoticon or a smiley.

1. Emotional Clarity
If you are genuinely angry than an angry emoticon may help to point that out. If you are only teasing or a little embarrassed, then you may convey that message with an emoticon.

2. Showing Sentiment
Show how you feel or think with an emoticon -a heart may show a person that you care about them, and a clown emoticon may show that you are only being playful.

3. Write the text first and place emoticons last
If you place emoticons as you write your text, then you may find that the email reads incorrectly. You may switch from a happy subject to a sad one within the space of a paragraph, which is fine, but a cluster of happy and sad faces in such a small space is going to set a misleading tone.

4. Do not use them when critiquing other people
If you are critiquing the work, efforts or actions of another person then it is no place for emoticons. Even the angry emoticons are used with an air of fun to them, and critiquing people is a sensitive issue. Emoticons are tools that are too blunt to deal with sensitive issues.

5. Do not let emoticons damage your grammar
This is especially true if your emoticon symbol does not turn into a graphic on your emailing system. Putting an emoticon in the middle of a sentence is very poor etiquette, because it can easily skew the meaning of the message. Save your emoticons for the end of the sentence after which you press enter to start a new line.

6. Don’t forget that some emoticon graphics will not appear on other people’s emails
Some email emoticon images will simply not appear correctly on other peoples email message. Cross browser compatibility and mobile to desktop may also play a part in creating emoticon image errors. Therefore, you should always write your emails as if the emoticons are not there. For example, if your only indication that your text is being sarcastic is an emoticon then a misunderstanding may inevitably happen.

7. Re-read your own message
The tone you write your message in may not be the tone you portray when you add in your emoticons. You should read your message at the end to be sure you have struck the correct tone.

The author, Hugo Riddle, is an enthusiast about the use of emoticons however when he’s not writing emails he is writing travel destinations and reviews for accommodation such as cosy Lake District inns in Cumbria, England.

In this case it can also work in a message board or topic.

It really doesn't matter how you use your emoticon it can be in a way that talk about.
Or in your sentence. Diary, Projects and all Your motions react to your writing
Stories, Games, Projects, Game idea, 3D modeling videos, Scripps, Acting, talking,
Episodes, movies, drawings, journals, or character as you acting on. On the writing and all, it's how you react of your motions.

It's what you write is what you motions will tell them.
So remember how you used them (boredom) of Rules Got it

Last Rule

Editing HTML  Music

The one at the home page can be there.
it is meant for people to enjoy the music it help to show you what i see. I want you Sonic Team To see what. I see
So you won't avoid Baby Greed The hedgehog travel through time to Sonic The Hedgehog Planet home
it's not the music it what i see in is world that is awesome of ultimate thing you'll ever experience. Sonic Team/ SEGA TEAM
if you people have privileges to use HTML Music in your page.
Remember don't use any violence or sexual music.
Because it can cause you to lose your privileges of music or be banned.
completely also do not bring nasty videos to your page or musics.
You get three warnings. if you don't follow the rules you going to lose what you have or be banned.

If you didn't get what i said take the chat box so you can chat with others. Got Good

So Leave you with this final thing follow the rules or be square marry me  Follow l'll kick you out.
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Re: Rules Here

Post by Baby Greed Admin on Tue Jul 12, 2016 11:07 am

2nd Rules Here (boredom) of Rules
Remembered is if you using my scripts don't try to barge you say that you made a better thing to me because I'm going to be using the scripts to.
The Scripts are free to you but don't try to be better than everybody who's ever in the zone were all the same. Because I have the power to lock the scripts.

Don't try to say your copy me. Don't try to say you have a copy of my scripts were all using it for free I made the scripts I can lock it. Or delete it, I have a copy and another zone. You will never find it. Because it in a private site.

If you're making a video of your videogame project on your own page.
If you made a script on your own zone here is meant to be free to share with everyone.
If you don't want to share your script don't paste Any address.
At all here. If you do paste address and you don't want to share I will delete the address. The scripts here are meant to be shared. Remember this scripts here are meant to be shared, however  you make. We will like to see amazing skills of your scripts is a crazy script that makes characters go wild. That is the fun part. So make the scripts shareable here and you will get along with each other.

Warning rules anyone who doesn't share their scripts If you paste addresses that are not sure about. Will get a warning if it continues you will get  banned here for a week.
If it continues that you're not sharing the banned will increase you get three strikes of banned if it reaches the fourth number you are here banned four-year.

Anything that stands to the rule doesn't extend to the project. Addresses or packages.

Anything that comes from blender it's okay here.
Projects downloading projects. Like scripts, codes to projects. Source codes game projects demo games that are tested.

This zone is meant for games and projects rules don't extend to the project but if you're making a game please write a project name of it.
So that way your page won't get deleted if it was bound to the rules of the first is not allowed. You can also place musics of your project addresses feel free to do RE/MAX DJ how you make it for the game or original. Remember project page must be blue how you write it.
So we'll know it's a project zone. Projects that are blue will not be deleted if it's not blue it will be deleted or decided Remember this this is for Sega and sonic team zone for all sonic games and Sega games here only. You can make any kind of game. That has a Sega symbol/ sonic team only. Remember that.
Remember some rules do apply for rule one like violence and sexual harassment Porn or porn pictures or Any others. That violates others. So be careful what you do with your game or yourself because you will get a strike or banned Project rules will be added

Rules about models


If you found the address that is a free zone for free models to give away you may post.

In a white color. Do not argue that you lose your model and gives it away once its place you cannot get it back if you go to that zone.

But you will be able to sell the character if you can't get it back.

Making royalty is good. If you're selling cool items

In that zone Blender.

It is possible you can delete your character on that zone.

Please do not argue that if you go, there you.
Losing  your model if selling or giving it away free.

Your action to do their not minds.

The tutorial is there if you need to learn how to get the models out.

Or if you don't do it Please come to me Or just find out from YouTube videos. Of blenders tutorial.

If you continue to argue at me or others. And they come to me it'll cause you get in trouble will lead you to getting Banned. For two days if it continues. It  leads you to week. And if you continue the third shot it'll lead you to six months Banned. If you don't  Know how to get the model out. Then learn from the tutorials.

Or find yourself banned here any circumstance.

White color model gaming will not be deleted if it's real good zone. If it has anything to do with surveys it will be deleted and the offer will get punished for that causing him to get one day Banned.

If the address has a virus you're going to be totally banned here for a year or anything spams that is directly going to give you three years for that.

I hate spams that's the number one thing I don't like. Than a virus. Virus is not that dreadful to me
Because I have antivirus every time there way.

Spann is in the one thing I hate and I don't like it.

So remember what you do, this is a strong point if your using the site to spam people.

It's not tolerated here

Be careful what you do and get along More Soon
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Re: Rules Here

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